Belinda Carlisle – LadyCare My Story.

Belinda Carlisle talks about her experience with menopause and how LadyCare helped reduce and eliminate hot flashes.

Legendary pop singer, Belinda Carlisle tried LadyCare to help with her symptoms of menopause, she was amazed by the results…

Belinda’s Story

Emotionally I was completely unprepared for menopause it’s not something that women discuss that often publicly. We live in a world where being young is everything and we’re meant to live forever.

When we women hit our mid forties our bodies change very dramatically but we normally just suffer in relative silence. I think most men, even now, don’t really understand what it can be like for us, am I right?

Symptoms like brain fog, hot flashes and feelings of depression are very common as menopause begins.

I was in total denial about menopause as it wasn’t full on in the beginning, initially it was more like a pressure in my head and I was only getting slightly overheated but as time went on it got progressively worse and I couldn’t be in denial any longer.

As I started to go through menopause I explored different options. Personally I didn’t want to choose synthetic HRT but I sure wanted these symptoms to end.

It was then on a trip to England that by chance I happened upon a Harley Street physician called Dr Nyjon Eccles who specializes in natural alternatives for menopause. During my consultation with him he suggested I should try this device called LadyCare that clipped onto my underwear in the pelvic area. Dr Eccles told me that studies showed that it worked for 71% of women.

You can probably imagine my initial reaction! “What, clipping this device to my underwear may stop my menopause symptoms, are you serious?” But with nothing to lose except $50 I decided to give it a try I put the device on immediately when I got home.

I woke up the next morning having worn it all night and remarkably I felt fine, in fact better than fine, I felt fantastic. As my day progressed I kept waiting for the hot flashes but they never came. Since then I have never looked back and to this day, now 3 years later I am still symptom free from menopause. I have told many of my friends and they too have benefited from LadyCare

I was lucky in that it worked for me within just 24 hours. I understand that women react to LadyCare in different ways, many have benefits sometime within the first few weeks where others it can take longer, sometimes a full three months before receiving benefits, it also doesn’t work for everybody.

I briefly wrestled with the decision as to share my story with others, I knew that declaring this would leave me open to negative comments from skeptics but in the end I wanted to share this with my girlfriends and as many of my fans as possible.

So I recommend you try LadyCare, it worked for my friends and me and it could also work for you.

Best Wishes