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LadyCare Plus+

Developed over years for optimum power

Designed especially for women that suffer with higher levels of stress.

While most women experience stress at some point in their lives, in extreme cases the rebalancing effect of LadyCare Plus+ has been overridden by these higher levels of stress.

Women have an opportunity to experience relief from the overwhelming feelings of stress during menopause, but also to improve their ability to manage many stressful situations, (e.g. family, financial, employment, health, relationship, etc.) as well as other menopausal symptoms, with improved balance, composure and serenity.

Menopausal symptoms can also be worsened by stress. In a six year study published in Menopause, hot flushes were linked to stress and anxiety.

LadyCare Plus+ is designed to help these symptoms.

ladycare plus

LadyCare Plus+

Designed for women that normally have higher stress levels, the LadyCare Plus+ has optimum power giving a better chance to reduce the symptoms of menopause.

LadyCare Plus+ $79.00