How soon will I notice benefits from using LadyCare?

It is important to understand that results may vary. Since all women are different, many receive benefits long before others, on occasions within the first couple of weeks. For this reason, it is essential to be patient, and to wear your LadyCare device continuously (24/7) for a full three months, before assessing its full benefits. Studies show that 71% of women who use LadyCare receive significant benefits. However, a few women may unfortunately be disappointed.

My LadyCare isn’t working, what can I do about it?

LadyCare re-balances part of the autonomic nervous system, (ANS). This imbalance is responsible for menopause symptoms.

In all reported cases where LadyCare has stopped helping, it has always been due to increased stress (family, financial, employment, health, relationship, etc.). Stress increases the sympathetic part of the ANS (autonomic nervous system), and this will override the re-balancing action of LadyCare. We have found if you remove the device for a full 21 days and then resume wearing it 24/7, if your stress level has reduced, then you should start to experience the benefits as before. We know it’s easy to say, but it’s very important to try and reduce stressful situations.

Which symptoms can LadyCare help with?

LadyCare has been proven to help with 24 symptoms of the menopause including:

  • Hot flushes
  • Night Sweats
  • Better Skin Tone
  • More Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Irregular Or Heavy Periods
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Loss Of Sex Drive
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Lack Of Concentration
  • Lapses Of Memory
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Bladder Infections
  • Hair Loss
  • Digestive Problems: Indigestion, Cramping, Nausea
  • Painful Sore Muscles, Tendons And Joints
  • Breast Soreness Or Tenderness
  • Increased Muscle Tension

Can LadyCare be used whilst taking HRT?

Yes, you can use LadyCare whilst on HRT. If (with your doctor’s consent) you decide to stop taking HRT, we suggest you continue using it together with your LadyCare device for the first couple of weeks, before gradually reducing HRT. This will help avoid any potential side effects.

Is it safe to use LadyCare if you have had, or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer?

LadyCare has been found to reduce hot flushes, a possible side effect when Tamoxifen or other oestrogen-modifying drugs are prescribed for breast cancer. LadyCare is also safe for those with oestrogen-positive breast cancer, as it will not increase oestrogen levels. Thousands of women have been using LadyCare for years, without any reported adverse effects on breast, cervical or uterine health.

My periods have stopped. Is it normal to bleed after using LadyCare?

Possibly. If you are recently menopausal, then to avoid embarrassment it is advisable to be prepared, light spotting could occur on rare occasions within the first 12 months after your periods have stopped.

Can LadyCare help with the perimenopause?

Yes. LadyCare has also been proven to relieve perimenopause symptoms. Perimenopause is the transitional period before becoming fully menopausal. In many cases, it is normal for periods to be erratic whilst in this stage. Once a woman has been without a period for a full twelve months she is considered fully menopausal.

Will LadyCare help me reduce bloating?

LadyCare could help reduce bloating or fluid retention. In our trial of 508 women, 99 lost an average of 14 lbs. over the 3-month period. We also receive many reports from customers confirming that they are no longer suffering from bloating after using LadyCare for several weeks.

Does LadyCare increase Crohn’s or IBS symptoms?

No, LadyCare cannot increase IBS symptoms. In fact, we have received many reports of a reduction in symptoms of IBS and other conditions such as Crohn’s Disease. Please drink plenty of water to help with detoxification.

Can LadyCare help with breast soreness?

LadyCare can help with breast soreness. If you are perimenopausal, we suggest you place your LadyCare (or your Mn8 device) in your bra for 20 minutes or so and it should soon ease the discomfort.

Can I use LadyCare with a pacemaker or defibrillator?

People with pacemakers are advised to be careful with microwaves, mobiles, and security scanners as these emit an alternating pole field that may cause issues with pacemakers. The important difference with LadyCare is that it transmits a static negative pole field, which should not have any detrimental effects on pacemakers or defibrillators.

Current regulations require us to include the warning regarding pacemakers on our products, and to inform customers with pacemakers or whose partners wear pacemakers that they do so at their own discretion. However, we have been manufacturing our products for the past 14 years, and many of our customers have pacemakers. We have not received a single report of any adverse effects.

Can it help improve your libido?

Yes, LadyCare is regularly reported to have helped improve libido.

Irregular and Heavy bleeding

Irregular and heavy bleeding are a result of a natural reduction of progesterone can be the cause of symptoms of peri-menopause (transition to menopause)

LadyCare helps by rebalancing the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) this imbalance is responsible for all menopause symptoms, including irregular & heavy bleeding.

LadyCare will help in many cases, most important is it totally safe.

Red Mark under LadyCare

When first starting to wear LadyCare on rare occasions a red mark may appear in the pelvic area caused by improved local blood-flow directly under the skin, sometimes the area can be a little thinner and more sensitive it will disappear after a few days, to ease any discomfort place a piece of material between LadyCare and your skin (reduce power) for a few days.

It is important to always clean your LadyCare to remove any body lotion, which may cause a rash.

General FAQ’s

What is LadyCare and how do I wear it?

LadyCare is a safe, drug-free alternative to help reduce menopausal symptoms. It is a small device that is designed to clip discreetly and comfortably onto your underwear.  We advise attaching it to your underwear approximately four inches below the navel (a few inches to the left or right is fine). Remove the small button from the main large curved part and place the large curved face against your body on the inside of your underwear with the small round button on the outside. Full instructions come with each LadyCare.

Do you wear LadyCare for life?

It is beneficial to continue wearing LadyCare throughout all peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms, and even beyond that. Many women have reported wearing their LadyCare device long after their hot flushes have stopped.  Since LadyCare rebalances the autonomic nervous system (ANS), it will continue to provide other benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety, bloating and water retention, and improving sleep, skin, hair and libido. Women have also reported fewer urinary problems.

How long does LadyCare keep its power?

After how many years or months do I have to buy a new LadyCare?


The power of LadyCare will not start to significantly reduce for at least five years.

Can I use LadyCare whilst exercising?

Yes, although we do advise removing it whilst swimming to avoid loss.

Does a person’s size or weight affect how LadyCare works?

No, LadyCare could help relieve menopause symptoms no matter your shape or size.

I’ve lost my button; can I get a replacement?

Yes! You can buy replacement buttons in our online shop.

I’ve dropped my LadyCare into water; will I need to buy a new one?

No. All the seams of LadyCare are ultrasonically welded. We have also received a couple of reports of LadyCare surviving washing machine accidents.

Will LadyCare irritate or cause an allergy, or affect surgical body implants?

All metal implants are non-magnetic, and since LadyCare is completely encased within a plastic shell with ultrasonically welded seams it cannot cause nor have any detrimental effect on any existing allergies.

Can this be used whilst using Wellsprings natural hormone therapy cream?

LadyCare should not cause any known adverse effects whilst using any natural hormone cream.

How & when will I receive my LadyCare?

For orders within the UK, your package is posted 1st Class Royal Mail, and should be with you within 1-2 days  (Shipping cost: £3.95).
For orders within Europe – International Signed For (3-5 days) £9.00.
Worldwide – International Signed For (7-10 days) £11.00.
Please see delivery services at www.royalmail.com for further details.

How can I expedite shipping of my purchase?

As soon as we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation email, which will contain details of a UPS option to expedite delivery.

What is your returns policy?

If an item is damaged in transit we will replace the product provided it is returned in its original packaging unopened within 14 days.

Do you have anything for period pain?

Our product MN8 has been successfully used for over ten years to help with period pain as well as bloating, mood swings, endometriosis, fibroids and PCO.

In double blind trials, MN8 significantly reduced period pain in 71% of those tested. If you wear MN8 a few days before a period, it could improve circulation to the uterine muscles thereby decreasing lactic acid. MN8 could also help with endometriosis and PCOS when worn continuously.

Can LadyCare Interfere with my electrical products?

LadyCare uses static negative pole as opposed to alternating and therefore will not effect electrical products. It may be possible to temporarily stop the electric cooling fan of a computer (causing overheating) if your LadyCare is deliberately attached to your computer.

Regarding the use of a computers next to the LadyCare/MN8 and directly in the pelvic area.

Since the majority of computers/iPads now operate with very powerful WiFi Signals, we are concerned that they may have the potential of possible future adverse effects especially if placed on the Lap.

The receptors of the very important part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in male & female are located in the pelvic area.

LadyCare & MN8 Difference

Although there is a small (12%) difference in the power between LadyCare and MN8 the main deference other than instructions, they each contain an individual directional device which varies the direction and depth of the field into the pelvic area.(Part of the IP protected by patent.

The LadyCare power is directed to the (ANS) receptors deep inside of the pelvic area as opposed to the MN8 which are directed to the uterine muscles at a different depth.

It is therefore most important to always use the correct product and instruction for the intended use.

Always use LadyCare for the symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause.

Although the power of both products will last for about 10 Years, The optimum power of LadyCare is approximately 5 Years.

LadyCare is for Women that have normally high stress levels, as high levels of stress has been found in many cases to override the rebalancing effect of LadyCare.

My menopause started early after I had my hysterectomy/oophorectomy. Does LadyCare work for this also?

Yes. Whether you have an early menopause induced by surgery or it occurred earlier, the symptoms are exactly the same as natural menopause. LadyCare helps equally well in all situations.

I have a mirena coil, can I use a LadyCare?

Yes. It is totally safe to use LadyCare when you have a mirena coil. We have received many calls from Women saying they were so happy with the results of LadyCare they had decided to have there coil removed.

If you are taking HRT and decide to stop in the future, it is important to wear your LadyCare for at least four weeks before reducing HRT slowly!

I have a steel rod in my spine to correct my scoliosis curve. Is it safe to use your LadyCare with this rod?

Yes totally safe! All metal body implants are non magnetic!

It is totally safe to wear LadyCare when Flying?

The majority of Airport security staff are aware of LadyCare. However, when flying, to save possible embarrassment, simply remove LadyCare and place in your hand luggage before entering security scanners. Advisable to wear LadyCare during Flight.

I don’t like to wear underclothes at night, can I attach LadyCare using tape?

It is important if tape is used to always include the small round button, as it contains the directional device.

Boots Pharmacy stock adhesive wound protection patches, they are shower proof and will last for many days.

Stress may reduce the benefits of your LadyCare

LadyCare helps by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system, this imbalance is responsible for all 23 menopause symptoms.

LadyCare retains its optimum power for five years, however as part of the nervous system any increase to stress level can reduce or override the benefits of LadyCare.

It is therefore very important to try to relax as much as possible and keep stress levels low.

Where should I put my LadyCare?

It is important that LadyCare is worn approximately 4 inches below the Navel, an inch off central if preferred.

LadyCare contains a unique direction device which enhances the parasympathetic part of the ANS, these important receptors are only located deep within the pelvic area.