LadyCare Device Reviews and Testimonials

Read and compare some reviews and testimonial experiences from customers around the world who have used the LadyCare device.

“I have definitely felt a positive difference. Most significantly in sleeping easily. This in turn has made me feel less tired. More than one person has commented on how good my skin is looking.” *

“I’m younger looking, my skin tone has improved and I look less drawn—even though I’ve lost 8lbs. I am also more in control of my emotions, and more confident and relaxed. I would hate to be without Ladycare at this time of Life.” *

“Within a few days of wearing I noticed a reduction in general bloating and water retention, elimination of food cravings and improvement in skin tone, especially dry hands. I generally had a better feeling of wellness.” *

“Since the first month of wearing LadyCare I have had a wonderful feeling of well being. Whatever the reason for this I am delighted with my new-found confidence and I shall continue to wear it until I have come through the menopause completely.” *

“I mainly wanted to try LadyCare because I was having lots of hot flashes night and day. Since trying the LadyCare, they decreased within a week or two, and I now have maybe one a day. I used to have about 20 per day. This has completely turned my life around and I feel so much better for it. I have told every friend who suffers as I did, that Ladycare is my new best friend!” *

“I would definitely recommend LadyCare to ladies as this is by far the best product I have tried and I can assure you I’ve tried almost everything on the market, which has cost me a fortune!” *

“I felt more energetic and just more positive, no more feelings of doom and gloom. Not so tired, weepy, depressed. I’m just so positive now. No more hot sweats – even in this heat wave. I think it’s marvelous. I run a language school, and as you can imagine this is a busy time for me. However, I still have so much energy, which in August is unusual. My sex life is also amazing!” *
J. Verrall

“The Ladycare has been a godsend—it has revived my energy levels and my hair is much better. In fact, I never leave home without it!” *

“I was very concerned as I had started having palpitations, which were frequent and quite scary—they have all but stopped, and I no longer need to see my unsympathetic doctor. I would prefer not to use HRT and feel with Ladycare this may be possible.” *

“Very pleased with the Ladycare—have felt a big improvement in my general well-being, the reduction in hot flashes was especially great as this was really starting to disrupt my life.” *

“Excellent product! Felt the difference after 2 days… very little breast tenderness at all whatever time of the month. Can’t praise the product enough!” *

“Felt a sense of well-being at all times. An excellent product without resorting to pills.” *

I have found the Ladycare has helped significantly and would not be without it *

“My inability to concentrate has decreased dramatically. The hot flashes have been non-existent. My energy levels have been boosted tremendously. My memory has improved greatly—many thanks.” *
I. Walton

“I have generally felt much brighter. My main benefit was vaginal dryness, which has improved tremendously. I am quite amazed at the overall improvement it has made to me.” *
J. Douglas

“I feel more energetic, probably because I have slept better during the nights even in the hot weather. I do not want to resort to HRT so this LadyCare has been just what I need.” *
J. George

“My quality of life and mood has greatly improved. I feel like my old self again.” *
C. Tait

“I watched the Belinda Carlisle video about LadyCare, I was skeptical, however, I decided to try it, and I no longer get hot flashes and don’t feel tired all the time.” *

“Thank you for this product. I had tried several alternative remedies for the menopause and this is the only product that has helped—more than that relieved the hot flashes to a bearable level. I am sure it will be a success on the market. I have recommended it to friends and the nurse at my GP surgery, who was very interested in it for her other patients.” *
—J. Thomas

“After hearing from a friend in the UK who had been suffering badly from “hot flashes” she told me about a small device she was wearing which everyone was talking about in England, I immediately said that I had to have anything that could bring me relief. I did order one, and after wearing this 24/7 for the last two months my “hot flashes” are greatly diminished … certainly not disappeared, but less frequent and not so intense. I would recommend this to any woman, it helps with irritability, and allows me to have a decent night’s sleep so therefore has given me more energy.” *
—Adele, Manchester Township, NJ

“I decided to try the LadyCare, and my thought was If it doesn’t work at least it it’s not cost an arm and a leg, so I ordered one online, it only took a couple of days to arrive, and I started using it straight away, it is the best money I have spent. I have told all my friends about it, and their friends have been told about it too, and as far as I know, they have all bought one and had success.

I have had mine for about eight months now and wouldn’t be without it.” *
— Dreen Olma, UK

“I definitely advise other women to give it a go. It will reduce the symptoms, even if it doesn’t alleviate them completely, and that makes life much easier. If other menopausal women knew about this, they wouldn’t have to suffer in silence.” *
— Amber Valentine, UK

“Just to inform you, this is the first time that I actually feel well again. Thank you. I am a psychiatric nurse working at Whitchurch hospital in Cardiff and have recommended you to so many people.” *
—Catherine, Wales

“I thought I’d give this a go, and if it does not work then I may have to go onto HRT. I feel energised, my skin looks great, and any water retention has gone. I have four friends using them as well, and all the same as me. I will wear this little device as long as I need to. It’s fantastic.” *
—Katherine Harris, UK

“I am not in the habit of writing these but I felt I had to say something about the staggering change in my state of health—hot flashes virtually eliminated, grumpiness much reduced, and general feeling of well being restored. Fantastic!” *
—Jane Henstridge-Blows, UK

“I would very much like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you on such a wonderful product that LadyCare is. I no longer take HRT, as this was a personal choice for me not to have any more chemicals going into my body. I feel so much better in every way; so much so that I have now recommended this product to family and friends who are now also converted.” *

“I recently received my LadyCare product and after suffering severe perimenopausal symptoms for the last 4 months I am totally amazed at the results. I clipped the device on the day I got it and had the first sweat free night that same night. It’s been 4 months since I had an uninterrupted sleep, generally waking drenched between 2-6 times a night. This has completely stopped, and last night I even slept in my winter pajamas, which I have not been able to do since the symptoms appeared. Today, (3 days after the device arrived) I feel fresh, relaxed and on top of the world instead of stressed and anxious over the next flush attack. Thank you very much!” *

“I didn’t want to go onto HRT because of the known side effects and was searching for something other than tablets when all the symptoms just got too much for me to deal with. I used to have terrible hot flashes up to at least 20 times a day or more, night sweats, constantly disrupted sleep, lower leg pain, sore lower back, constipation, and awful bloating, not to mention feeling very tired all the time. All those things have now virtually disappeared. I only have the occasional very mild hot flush that lasts a few seconds. I only wish I had heard of these much sooner, rather than struggling with my menopause symptoms for the last 3 years!

So I just wanted to say thank you very much, and hope my experience will be helpful to you in recommending these to other women.” *

“I wanted to let you know how happy and pleased I am with my LadyCare, it is the best thing I have ever bought!! It is like magic! Thank you for inventing such a wonderful product.” *
—Rosemarie Edwards

“I would like to say how happy I am with my LadyCare I was getting up to ten hot sweats a day and night. So thank you.” *

“After reading about the LadyCare in a magazine article and how it helped this person, I went online and read all the reviews about it. I decided to give it a try, as I didn’t have anything to lose.  After wearing it, I feel human again. I have told friends who are going to try it.  Many thanks.” *

“This is the best £20 I have ever spent! When a friend told me about LadyCare. I was very sceptical as I am not the type of person to believe in miracle cures, but I have to say, this is exactly what it is! Within one day of wearing it, I began to notice a difference, and now two weeks on, I have absolutely no symptoms! I will definitely recommend this product to friends.” *
—Debbie Reilly, UK

“Having had the LadyCare tucked away in a drawer until the menopause symptoms really kicked in, I started to use it only three days ago to alleviate the restless/waking nights and minor but regular flashes—what a difference! The flashes have virtually subsided, the aching bones and joints feel relieved, and the waking nights are not. A fabulous product, and I’m happy that I don’t have to consume HRT pills or anything else.” *
—Jane Tennant

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