Natural and Drug-Free Menstrual Relief

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Does such a thing exist? If you, your daughter or your loved one is suffering from menstrual pain month after month, you’re probably ready to try just about anything to bring them relief from their period pains. While many doctors and websites recommend “traditional” avenues such as pain relievers, birth control medications and even surgeries to relieve the pain, we’re convinced there’s another way.

Having spent years paving the way for natural menopause relief with our revolutionary LadyCare device, we applied the same philosophy to menstrual relief when we created the MN8 device.

This natural, discreet therapeutic device helps you experience relief from:

  • Menstrual cramps in abdomen, back and thighs
  • Endometriosis (a painful condition where lining from the uterus grows outside of the uterus)
  • Breast tenderness
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
  • Facial spots
  • Water retention
  • Bloating
  • PMS symptoms

How Does it Work?

MN8 is a drug-free, 100% natural menstrual relief device that offers an alternative for women who prefer to avoid drugs when possible. No adverse reactions have been reported, and it has been reported to assist with a wide variety of symptoms.

The MN8 therapeutic device may help to relieve all types of menstrual symptoms, most notably painful cramping in the abdomen, back and thighs, bloating and breast tenderness. It has also been reported to provide other benefits, including stronger nails, shinier hair and softer skin.

The MN8 device uses magnotherapy to help your body experience relief from a variety of symptoms. It is simply attached to your underwear and worn a day or two before your period begins, through to the end of your period. It can even be worn in the bra to assist with breast tenderness.

If you suffer extreme discomfort during your period, it is recommended that you wear the MN8 device 24 hours a day, seven days a week from its arrival through your next two menstrual cycles to assist with more severe symptoms.

Ways to Experience Relief From Menstrual Pain

Of course, there are many ways to experience relief from menstrual pain, and if you’re like many of the customers we designed this device for, you’d like to experience maximum relief as quickly as possible.

While many menstrual websites out there focus on medical procedures and drugs to provide relief, we’ve put together some natural alternatives you might want to try before talking to your doctor about further steps. Some of the ways you can try to get natural menstrual relief are as follows:

  • Lie down as soon as the pain begins to relieve the pressure you might be feeling on your abdomen or your low back.
  • A gentle massage may bring immediate relief, whether you have the chance to book one at your favorite spa, or have to do your own.
  • Warmth can help to relax the muscles that are contracted and causing pain in your abdomen or low back. While a heating pad is often the go-to choice for many women during their periods (whether electric or one-time use), a warm bath can have the same effect if you don’t have a heating pad to hand.
  • As unappealing as it may seem while you’re in pain, exercising both before and during your monthly cycle can lower the hormone levels of the particular hormones that cause cramps to intensify.
  • Adding a healthy diet and regular exercise to your routine can also provide both immediate and long-term relief.

Approximately 50% of women who menstruate have cramps on a monthly basis. And 15% of menstruating women have severe cramps (dysmenorrhea). These symptoms can extend to include: nausea, loose stools, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and sweating.

If you or a woman close to you suffers on a monthly basis, it might be time to look into a revolutionary device designed to provide menstrual relief naturally. Try our safe, discreet and natural alternative and see if MN8 provides you the relief thousands of women across the UK and US are already experiencing.

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