Defying Doctor’s Orders: Why I Stopped Taking Menopause Medications and Switched to LadyCare

stopped taking menopause medication and used LadyCare

Grimelda Friedrichsen – Contest Runner-Up

For nearly six years, Grimelda dealt with debilitating menopause symptoms like hot flashes, low energy levels, night sweats, headaches, lack of sleep and panic attacks. She’d tried the prescriptions the doctor had advised, but hated their effects and still found herself struggling with a majority of the symptoms.

Aside from that, she considered herself a naturalist and was unhappy relying on prescription medications that were leaving her still feeling a half dozen or more severe symptoms from menopause. She wanted to find a natural menopause treatment that really worked.

She explains that within her first week of using the LadyCare therapeutic device she noticed a dramatic difference in her menopause symptoms. “In the first week I had no more symptoms. I’m normal again – I have no symptoms at all.”

Grimelda’s Menopause Symptoms

For a woman who had been dealing with intense menopause symptoms like hot flashes, serious panic attacks and everything that comes with not sleeping well, that is a big deal. She had previously ended up on prescription sleeping pills to try to combat some the symptoms she was experiencing, but those left her feeling horrible the next morning. She was also concerned with the possibility of addiction and felt the pills weren’t helping her in the first place.

After six years of excruciating menopause symptoms, Grimelda had finally found relief. So after seeing quick results with LadyCare, she decided to take herself off her prescriptions. She decided to go against her doctor’s wishes and stick with what she thought to be a natural menopause treatment, despite his angry response.

“I’m the doctor,” he told her as he tried to write her another prescription for medication. “Yes, you’re the doctor,” she replied, “but I’m the patient and I know what’s good for my body, and that is not helping my body.” He told her, “Fine. You deal with it then.” Sticking to her guns, she has now been using LadyCare for nearly a full year, and she is happy to say that she is completely off of those medications.

She says that LadyCare has improved her quality of life “120%” and she feels like the same person she was before a hysterectomy accelerated her entry into menopause.

Now Grimelda tells every menopausal and perimenopausal woman she meets about her success with LadyCare. She’s even taken a woman she’d just met at her church into the bathroom to show her the LadyCare device so she could see firsthand how it worked. (In case you were wondering, yes, that woman did in fact order it immediately.)

After 11 Months of Using LadyCare

It’s now been 11 months that she’s been using the LadyCare therapeutic device and she is 100% off of her medications and has no more menopause symptoms whatsoever. About her struggle before she found LadyCare, she said, “For a long time I felt very sad, like I wasn’t worth it anymore. But I don’t feel like that anymore.”

When asked how her life has been enhanced by using this simple device, she sums it up perfectly. “I feel beautiful now.”

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My Story With LadyCare: A Menopausal Woman’s Search for a Natural Treatment

Diana contest runner-up menopause treatment

Interview with Diana Rowell: Contest Runner-Up

Recently, we ran a contest on Facebook to hear firsthand stories from distressed women who were tired of dealing with menopause symptoms and tried LadyCare. This is the story of one of the runners-up, Diana.

At age 50, Diana had a medically necessary hysterectomy which set menopause in motion for her.

A happy-go-lucky girl who loved life and had always considered herself to be quite cheerful suddenly found herself uncomfortable in her own skin with an indescribable sense of dread that shadowed every thought. “It made me dysfunctional. I did not have the energy to get up and be as active as I had been prior, and that was alarming to me.”

Tried the Hormone Replacement Therapy Route

Diana had undergone hormone replacement therapy at the onset of menopause, but had been taken off of it after six years at which point her symptoms drastically worsened. She was searching for a natural menopause treatment to help her feel like herself again.

She became unable to get a good night’s sleep due to night sweats, which affected her ability to function throughout the day. She had very little energy, was constantly sleepy and was unable to to be productive compared to her pre-menopausal self.

The hot flashes were debilitating – so intense that her glasses would fog up and she would have sweat dripping down her face as if someone had poured a jug of water over her head. She’d be bright red in the face and have to lean on furniture to keep from fainting. But that wasn’t even the worst part.

The scariest thing for Diana was that sense of dread. As she described it, “The sense of doom really undermined my motivation and my enthusiasm. It caused me to have emotional and mental concerns because I didn’t know where that was coming from.”

What a lot of women don’t realize is the heavy emotional effects that menopause can wreak on one. In fact, it took Diana some time to realize that the sense of dread might be coming from menopause or the estrogen she had been taking. She eventually began researching this phenomenon online, which is what led her to the LadyCare therapeutic device.

She immediately ordered LadyCare and found that once she began using it, her sense of doom dissipated almost immediately.

“I’ll be honest with you,” she said, “it could have just done that and not affected my hot flashes at all and that would have been enough. But the fact that it helped my hot flashes too? I’m just tickled. I think every woman in menopause should just buy one. Don’t even think about it – just get it – it will help you.”

Quote from Diana about her menopause symptoms

6 Months into it

In fact, Diana says that in the six months she’s been using LadyCare, she’s noticed significant improvement in every single menopause symptom she was suffering from including hair loss, dry skin, hot flashes and night sweats as well as the emotional effects.

She went on to say that she felt cautious when she first found LadyCare, “because what works well for some people may not work for me and vice versa… I experienced a couple of differences within a couple of weeks, so I think it’s fabulous. I would tell anybody who’s having any type of issue with menopause, it doesn’t matter if you think it would work or not, I think it’s well worth the try. I think most women stand a great chance of it working well for them.”

9 Weeks into it

LadyCare has been reported to help in more than 70% of women. How quickly LadyCare did work for Diana? “When I got LadyCare, the hot flashes were cut in half two to three weeks into it. And the sense of doom went away within three days. About nine weeks into it, the hot flashes cut in half again. I experienced relief immediately, and then again at nine weeks, and it’s kept [the symptoms] at bay since.”

Diana says she’s recommended LadyCare to anyone she has met who is suffering from menopause symptoms and wants to find a natural menopause treatment. She says each of the four or five women she has recommended LadyCare to have purchased it without hesitation and that each has called to thank her for the advice. “One gal has called me three times to thank me, she’s had such good response from this product,” Diana added. “She even took me out to lunch to thank me, she said, ‘You saved me!’ I said, ‘No, honey, this product saved you.’ I tell my friends, ‘It may or may not work for you, but it’s worth finding out!’”

These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products of this company are not intended to diagnose, prevent, heal, treat, or cure any disease or injury. If you have any pre-existing conditions, we advise you to check with your physician or healthcare provider prior to using. For external use only.

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